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    In Ghana, West Africa, the international trafficking of children is one of the biggest challenges. Many Ghanaian children are trafficked from their home villages to work in the fishing industry. Education is the answer for many of the children who live in the villages.


     The Children in Ghana, Africa are faced with a daily dose of reality. Child labor and child trafficking happen every day. Children are forced to choose work instead of going to school for an academic education. Although most children prefer education, the children who live in the villages are forced to help feed their families. The fishermen often prey on children as young as five years old and are often paid with fish instead of money for their labor.

      A child tiny fingers are used for picking smaller fish that are captured in the nets. Children also paddle boats, dive for fish, haul nets, untangle nets, and perform domestic labor in the homes of the fishermen. Children who work for the fishermen often drown, have water-borne diseases and are injured by tree branches that are submerged under water.

     Furthermore, working with the fishermen can be an impossible task for a child at an early age.The children can work up to 15 hours a day, enduring constant physical and emotional abuse. If a fisherman is unhappy with a child's performance, he will beat the child, hold back on food, or throw a child overboard. However, the children who live in the villages are less likely to become victims of the fishermen if they attend school. 

     The schools in the villages have limited supplies to accommodate their students. The fee for uniforms and books provide a barrier for many families living in the villages. Meanwhile, students who attend school are also forced to share pencils, paper, and books to do their class and homework assignments and for most students, their only meal is provided by the school.

     Therefore, shelter, water, basic supplies, uniforms, and food are needed to keep students in the school.The children in the villages live in real life drama every day. This results in receiving a quality education more difficult to obtain. Help us to help the students living in the villages have a brighter future.

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 "One in six children aged six to 14 are involved in child labor and trafficking."